Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Never Ending Book∞

As I began to read it, I began to discover the roots that made the pages. I couldn't put it down. Unyielding knowledge, I even learned about my ancestors. The book was my escape, it was my reality. I believed every word. Knowledge. Knowledge, that could make me fruitful, knowledge that could make me great, knowledge with no end. The secret recipe, the secret weapon. Formulas with explosive power, words from every language, vocabulary with no end. I can understand now, I can see. The pages were first turned one at a time, then twenty an hour. I can touch the foundation of the binding and feel the meaning of every word. I can skim through and pick-up pieces to the details of every authors' dying thoughts. Mysteries of the universe, all solved from one generation to the next. Each character, each novel, each story gives me more to do each day. My conversation is clear, my dialect is supreme. I've found the mysteries of every miracle, I've become one with the God particle, I've discovered new elements. Law and order, wisdom from kings. I too, blow like the pages in the wind. I know why gold is worth more than silver. I know nature; I know the answer to each question, the squareroot to each equation. References, notes, indexes, appendixes, epilogues and prologues, I even read the glossary. Series after series, volume after volume, chapter after chapter, with infinite∞∞∞ knowledge. From fiction, to biographies, non-fiction, to horror stories, page after page of the thin layers of wood that were once bound together as leaves. Oh lord, the book of life is infinite. Oh lord, the book of knowledge goes on-and-on. I once was blind but now I see, I was lost but now I'm found. It's a never ending book. It's branches grow stronger and stronger with every generation and with every thought. The secret is hidden in the words. I've split the ocean. Dear sweet lord, there is no end. 

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