Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Is that man suppose to be standing on the ledge of that tall building?
I wonder if he knows that if he falls the gravity will kill him...
Woman and man.
Chicken and egg.
Dolphin and water.
Boy and girl.
Hmmm...if one does not acknowledge the other, who will populate the earth?
The book just sits on the shelf; the writer is broke, for no one will read his thoughts.
I wonder how this will alter the course of time.
Are muscles made to get stronger?
Is air made to breathe?
I go to the medicine cabinet to take my medicine; I've lost my mind.
In the process I hear two men on the radio arguing about a player that missed the winning shot.
People cheer when the ball goes in the hole, but they get upset when the ball doesn't.
Mustard and ketchup,
Burger and bun.
That's normal, at least to the majority of people.
Realizing that I've lost my mind, I look out the window and notice that the man didn't jump.
He got everyone all revved up, while the fire department talked him down.
I have a choice.
His girlfriend is in my apartment, I finally get it.
Only I can fix this broken record.
I almost killed a man.
I stop the conversation and tell her to go home.
When she leaves, I decide to sleep on the floor.
How simple was that?
Pondering the look on her face, I hope I didn't let her down.
She must think I'm different.

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