Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving tales of the Turkey & the Hare

For the humans, it was thanksgiving, and as usual, there was war brewing between men, but no one knew about the battle taking place on the edge of a farm by the woods. Author, was his name, and he wanted to eliminate the human race from the face of the globe. This was odd because Author was a turkey. Witnessing the slaughter of billions of his relatives, he became bitter and vengeful against the humans.
"I've lost my wit," He told his dear friend Brad, the hare.
"I want to fight them, I want to crush all hope of their existence from the face of the earth. We must not let this slaughter go on," Author, the turkey, explained to Brad, the hare.
"You've lost your mind, we have no chance against the human. They're much to strong," Brad, the hare, replied.
"No, have you taken the time to watch them. They're sick, and I don't know why they were made. They make holidays with our families' faces on the cover of coloring books in baskets. They pluck the feathers from innocent birds, whom, have done them no harm. We must group together and kill them all," Author, the turkey, explained.
Being his usual self, Brad ran away to spy, while Author went to gather up his army to go to war against the humans. All dressed in battle gear, he lead his troops to attack; standing at the top of a hill in the woods, he noticed a huge mushroom cloud emerging from the other side of the woods. He also saw Brad, the hare, running at full speed in their direction, away from the cloud.
"They've killed themselves! Get underground, they've killed themselves! Seek shelter, we must hide underground until the dust settles," Brad, the hare, said rushing to save his family after giving Author the message.
"Oh, what a surprise. You all heard what the hare said, take shelter until the dust settles," Author shouted to the crowd of animals ready for war.
Most of the birds took to the sky, while all of the other animals found a good spot underground. Once they got word from Poncho, the dove, that everything had settled down, they all gathered together to celebrate the victory that they didn't even have to fight.
Author, the turkey, and Brad, the Hare, stood tall on a log.
"Dear friends, we've been blessed by the creator of everything; we didn't even have to fight, but by divine law, we've been given a great gift from the humans. Brethren, they've killed themselves and left us to care for the planet. Now we, as grateful animals, must be thankful and work together by never forgetting this day of gratitude, handed to us by the humans. I, in all of my wisdom as a turkey, believe, that they did this for us. They did this for us because they felt sorry for ages of neglect against our kind. They fought each other, but friends, on this day, we will fight for solidarity. We're now at the top of the food chain, brethren," Author explained to a huge crowd of animals.
After his words, trillions of animals cheered.
"Long live the animals, long live the animals," they shouted at the top of their lungs.
Smiling and basking in his freedom, Author, the turkey, shook hands with Brad, the hare, and they both lived a long life, in peace, with the rest of their animal friends, never to see a human again.
The End. 

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