Friday, April 17, 2015


The crowd watches, as she sits at the piano.
She turns and sees the faces of twenty thousand people.
She is nervous and one of her fingers mistakenly hits a key.
The crowd goes wild.
She starts to shake.
A voice inside of her head is telling her not to play her hit song.
She remembers her grandmother.
She remembers a gospel song that she use to play.
The microphone is in front of her face as she starts to sing.
This is what I was made to do.
This is what sets me free.
This is why I am on stage.
Every ancestor in my bloodline prepared me for this moment.
It is my heritage.
I will use this piano to unite.
I will use this piano for the glory of all mankind to come together in peace and harmony.
This is my weapon.
This is what I do when I am sad.
This is what I do when I need a fix.
This is what protects me.
This is my tool.
This is my praise.
As she plays the crowd sings along.
Every negative spirit has left the building.
The beings that God created come together in unison with him with no strife in their hearts.
All are healed by the music.
All begin to praise.

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