Thursday, April 30, 2015

The King, the Sacrifice, & the Orphan

"Your majesty what has become of these great beings?" asked the orphan.
"I do not know. In light of your words, for I have found that many do not appreciate the good that I have done for them. We must find a sacrifice," the king replied.
"But your majesty, you died for them once, will you die again?"
"For I have compassion for my people. I have shown them mercy but I must find a sacrifice to remind them of my compassion for their ignorance and disbelief. Sweet orphan it seems they have forgotten. I desire to know your name orphan. You have permission to speak."
"My name is Judah," replied the orphan.
"What a great name. It reminds me of something. I want you to find me a sacrifice to purify the people."
"I will do my best great king."
Judah searched all over the land. She loved animals but she knew that this was a hard catch. What animal could be so great, to purify the people of their woes. Judah went home and saw her bunny rabbit sitting on the counter.
"Oh bunny I love you so and the king requires a sacrifice. What shall I do?"
She stared at the bunny. Then she heard a voice telling her to offer her dearest pet. Judah loved her bunny rabbit but if it was for the will of the people it had to be done in honor of the most high.
The next day she took the bunny to the king.
"I desire to see the most high," she asked the servants as they let her in.
"What a timely return sweet Judah," said the king.
"An angel of the Lord told me to give the animal most dear to me. Great king, I will offer my bunny rabbit for the people."
"Oh sweet Judah, your heart is enough to save 10,000. The spirit of all mankind is in you. For your compassion and faith I will give you what you desire."
"But great king I desire nothing. I just want to save the people."
"Judah, these people killed me once and your parents left you to be raised by an orphanage. Why do you want to save them?"
"Because I believe they can change, your highness."
The king looked at her as tears fell from her eyes.
Judah had sacrificed her heart to save the people.
The king granted her wish as Judah left with her bunny rabbit and went home.
The next day the sun came out and all the people brought her gifts and love.
To this day Judah's name is known all over the world.
She is the brightest star in the night sky. So bright that day never ends.
God bless you holy Judah.

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