Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wisdom and I

Everyday I learn something new.
Every person teaches me a new technique or view of life.
It's amazing how going to different places and seeing different things can make you wiser.
What man can believe that he knows all?
What woman can believe that she has all of the answers?
The air, the trees, and even the sky are yet to be discovered.
There is value in everything.
What I know I don't know.
What I see is not there.
Watching kids play, watching them go through things that I once went through.
Seeing people come and go.
Noticing the trends and how people forget good memories so fast.
I once stressed over not having enough.
I once stressed over not being good enough.
I even have some overdue bills.
I guess that is what life is about.
I am here, I exist.
I guess my purpose it to live.
I'm alive.
Some days I win and some days I lose.
Some days I'm holy, some days I'm unclean.
Then when my time is up, the energy passes on to the next generation.
I wonder if I will miss this place when it's my time to go.
There is so much to discover.
So many ideas.
I guess wisdom is reason.
I guess wisdom is knowledge.
I guess wisdom is letting go and understanding that it's in God's hands.
Just when I thought I figured it out there is a different way.
I guess that is the process of wisdom.
Wisdom and I

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