Monday, April 27, 2015

A Friend

Two, four, and six are even numbers.
Two sets of numbers that are equal is a tie score.
A friend.
A mediator between enemies equals peace.
Someone to talk to when family is not around.
A friend.
When there is fire, there is water to put it out.
When falling down you help me up.
A friend.
A call, a text, you try to be there so you respond.
In confusion you make things clear.
A friend.
When my heart is broken you find a way to get my blood flowing again.
When I need company your around.
A friend.
When I give, you give back.
When I don't know you show me how.
A friend.
When I need holiness you pray with me.
When I am hurt you find a healer.
A friend.

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