Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Bible

I believe I know what this book is capable of doing.
It definitely can cause a debate.
Interesting how one book can form so many different opinions.
Maybe that is why it is a bestseller.
The stories draw you into historical questioning and many wonder if they are real.
They have to be real, there is evidence in the east.
It's like asking if a tree falls in the forest how do you know it fell if you were not there.
So many people have never read this book but still they rip it apart verbally and physically.
The book has saved people and created a world of thought.
The book has value and wisdom that takes time to comprehend.
It takes practice to be like many of the characters in this book.
Many question the ultimate goal of the characters.
Maybe that is the purpose of this book.
Maybe that is why it was written.
The writers may have wanted to keep the imagination eternal.
They say it's like a sword.
They say it's like an amazing journey that requires study and research.
This book takes you to places that are still on earth.
It takes you into holy realms of majestic feelings.
It is a book of royal words and divine principals that merge thought with holy living.
When it comes out people feel something inside.
If you read it in public people watch and gather around.
Some women bring their children closer.
Some people get away as fast as they can because of its influence.
This book has power in every verse.
Preachers use this book every week, dissecting it cover to cover to give all forms of messages.
What an amazing piece of work.
What a historical masterpiece.
This book is called the Bible.

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