Monday, April 6, 2015

A Sinner

What have I done?
Have I done something wrong?
Is a bit of pleasure not good for the soul?
Does not too much work drive a person crazy?
Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?
I do what I feel. I do what I want.
We all struggle, so why do you judge me?
Can't you see I'm suffering?
Why do you just leave me here to rot and burn in my sorrow?
Does not a man need a woman?
Does not a mother love her children?
I too need a place to go to free me from this crazy world.
I too need a place to feel at ease.
I don't want to always feel like someone is after me.
I don't want to always keep falling in the same pit.
Can't you see I'm hurting?
Can't you see that I yearn to be holy, that I want to do what is right?
Can't you see that I'm searching for a meaning to my life just like you?
After it's done, I cannot undo it.
After it's said, I cannot take it back.
Is that why I have to contain it?
Is that why I have to keep it all inside?
This evil, this filth, is a part of me.
It's like an animal that won't leave me alone.
Is that why Christ suffered?
Is that why I'm here everyday battling with my own thoughts?
Do I repent or do I go in alone?
I guess that is why I need love.
I guess that is why... I am a sinner and you are too.

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