Thursday, April 23, 2015


The pastor has just given his last sermon.
The trumpet sounds as the ships dock.
All guns and war machines are molded into a statue of a bird.
All prisoners of war go home.
The jailed are free.
The police are sent home.
Currency is no more.
People exchange labor for labor.
Men rejoice with their loved ones.
The airwaves are silent.
All devices are no longer needed.
There is a calm in the air and the oceans become sky blue.
The birds sing to the purification of nature.
Love is shown on every corner.
Good day my friend, how are you?
Wonderful day out would you say, peace be with you my friend.
The people greet each other with joy in their heart.
Living is worth it.
No drugs, narcotics, beer, or liquor are sold.
The streets are clean.
No death is in the air.
A sense of life makes sense.
Peace is alive.
Every soul on earth is feed.
Peace is real.
It is felt.

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