Friday, April 24, 2015


In remembrance of the father you are free.
All debts are forgiven on behalf of his glory.
In glory and truth, we must testify our belief in the Lord so that we may have peace.
Do not be upset with our brothers for we must remember our holy father in heavan so that we have no strife.
All slaves must be set free for this is the year of jubliee.
Praise God, for he is good.
Let us not forget our purpose here on earth.
Let's not be bitter about our woes.
For it may hinder our future blessings.
Rejoice in this moment to remember all that he has done for us.
He has given us air to breath, food to eat, and another day to rejoice.
Holy is he.
In his presence there is peace among the brothers and sisters who represent him.
In our times of trouble we will come together to get through.
We will not harm one another.
This is our bond with you O lord.
For this is our jubilee.

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