Monday, February 2, 2015

The Basic Construction of a Hip Hop Song:

When arranging a hip hop song it is important to know the many important terms used in music. Some suggested terms to know before arranging a beat would be:
  1. Bar (Music)- a unit of measure of a beat or song usually separated in 8ths
  2. Tempo- Pace of a beat or song, can be slow or fast depending on the song.
  3. Chorus- The Part of the song that is catchy or sticks in your head. Usually repeated throughout the song.
  4. Break (Music)- When the other instruments including vocals stop but the percussion instruments keep playing.
  5. Hook (Music)- The part of the song that keeps repeating.
  6. Verse- The body or poetry of the song where the artist brings the words or subject matter of the song to life.
  7. Rhythm- The feeling of the song in regards to beat or instruments used when constructing the song.
Here is a basic format when constructing a hip-hop beat:
  • 4-8 Bar intro: usually a drum pattern or a simple rhythm to introduce the song
  • 8-16 Bar verse: this is when the poetry or vocals start, unless the artist added a few lines in the introduction
  • 8 Bar chorus or hook: These are the words or rhythms that grab the listener and stays in their head. Usually a catchy tune or phrase.
  • 8-16 Bar verse: this is the second verse of the song
  • 8 Bar hook or break, then a small 4-8 bar outro to fade out the song.
This format can be altered depending on the artist or producer of the song. The artist and producer also decide on which instruments to use when constructing the beat. Usually the producer makes the beat and the artist tells the producer what should be left in or taken out when recording the song. The engineer mixes and records the song. If the engineer is elite, he or she will master mix the song as well.

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