Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lil Lisa the mother of love:

Hi I am Lil Lisa these are my thoughts:
Yesterday I met a man, after I shook his hand and said hello he started to follow me. I didn't know why so I went over to another man and shook his hand and said hello. When I looked behind me the other man had vanished. After about seven days of this same thing happening I started to wonder why men where attracted to me. Was it my body or my looks, because honestly I don't think I'm attractive at all. Maybe it's because I'm friendly. I'm now at work and this guy keeps staring at me. Hum...this is strange. I feed the poor they smile, I donate they smile, I come to work they smile, everything I do that is pleasing to them they smile. I wonder if they would smile if I didn't do all of these things...
Well I went to the doctors today and he told me I was pregnant. It's funny because I have never been with anyone so I don't know how I could be pregnant. This has to be a mistake, I will go back in a few weeks. Oookay this is scary I went back and I'm still pregnant. How could this happen I haven't even touched anyone.
I've been sleeping for hours worrying about this. I think I'm in depression. I better do some research to figure out what is going on...nothing no progress. Let me figure this out, I'm a virgin and I am it because of my looks? Is it because I give to the poor? Could it be because I cry when I see people hurting? Yes I do see these things and think about them but I have never been in any of those situations. I have never been in the shoes of any of those people, all I do is give. Oh my... I love them. I guess that's why I'm pregnant...hum...I'm the mother of love. Woe how divine.    

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