Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dirty Dave and the Pyramids: Method 8 History Project 7

In the age of the moon and the stars there was the sun. There were also messages using hieroglyphics. These messages were for the supreme beings. At that time these supreme beings were considered deities and are still on earth today. As time passed by there was one who rose in the afterlife. His name was "Horus" and his enemy was "Set." Horus was favored by the deities and was worshiped. In the underworld, there was not yet an empire, until Set defeated Horus to rule the night. When Horus resurrected the sun became the son, the spirit became holy and the father became God. It is now present day and the story of Dirty Dave and the Pyramids begins:
Mika was a clean girl. She was considered royal until she met Xavier. He was from the X sect. Xavier's bloodline was that of the Pharaohs and Mika was that of Hebrew. Xavier was born in a culture that did not know the truth and Mika's family understood the genealogy of man. Xavier's sect was known for having hard hearts, yet, they were still royal and that could not be taken away. Mika's bloodline traced all the way back to the tribe of Judah. When Mika and Xavier met they had a son and they named him Dave. For some reason their son attracted dirt. His great grandmother would always say it was because his great grandfather was a mummy in a dirty tomb. As Dave grew older his friends called him, "Dirty Dave." When Dave first met his father after he and Dave's mother separated, he introduced Dave to his Aunt Rose. She told Dave that everything he would see in his life, came from a place that is still on earth. When Dave heard this, he was without knowledge. When Dave got home, his mother then told him the truth about his father and how her ancestors believed in monotheism or the one true God, who lost favor in the Pharaohs because of their hard hearts. She told him that she believed that he lost favor because the Pharaohs became possessed by the god of the underworld, "Set," who hardened their hearts. She also explained to Dave that once her people gained favor with Horus he freed them from the Pharaohs and when they were disobedient they lost favor with Horus as well. When they lost favor they became cursed until the age of enlightenment and truth. She warned Dave about how there were still many tribes of people and some still possess the spirits of unknown power. Once Dave heard this, he was enlightened and he began to be favored by the deities. Dave saw that many of his friends used drugs. He became curious and asked his mother about their habits. His mother told him to read the book of wisdom and it would tell him that some trees and plants in the fields were not meant to be touched for they were put here by "Set" the ruler of the night. She explained to him what would happen if he ate from or touched those trees and plants. As Dirty Dave became filled with truth and knowledge he then followed the signs that the tribes had taken from his people and became clean. One day Dave got in an argument with a friend about what his family had told him. It was a fierce argument that led to a fight. It seemed that his friend had lessons about history and was explaining to him about how brutal it was. Dave was trying to tell his friend the truth about why history was so brutal and his friend would not believe him. When Dave's friend asked for proof, Dave showed him the pyramids in his history book. They then became at peace and shared their knowledge with others. Dave stayed to himself and always wore a hood. He found his love in spray paint and started a graffiti club. His club was filled with friends who had knowledge and were not war type people, they were of all faiths and they wanted to enlighten people with art. Although Dave was an outcast who wanted to fly planes, loved music and wore hoodies, he was still a great person. He was haunted by history just like many of his followers. It was the goal of the boy known as, "Dirty Dave" to make the future brighter and feed people with the only knowledge he had. For Dirty Dave knew the truth and the truth no matter how dirty he was, made him clean:-)          

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