Monday, February 9, 2015

Fiddle and the story of how she invented Love:

Once upon a time there was a seamstress named Fiddle. Fiddle was very gifted and her sewing abilities were endless, but she didn't understand the ability and the feeling of love. One night while sewing Fiddle had a vision of a new hat. She figured she would take the design most dear to her and put it on her hats. Fiddle didn't socialize much, she spent most of her time sewing, so one day she decided to wear one of her hats out to the grocery store. While walking the aisles of the grocery store she noticed people where smiling at her and she couldn't understand why. She didn't understand the feeling. "Why are these people smiling at me and why is everyone so happy? This is unusual, they should be working," she thought aloud. Later that day she notice her hats where selling out in her stores. When Fiddle got home she turned on the radio and the host was explaining how she got a date because of this new hat out on the market, it was the hat Fiddle made. Fiddle felt something inside, it was a strange feeling. She then turned on the television and people were wearing her hat in the audience and on stage talking about how her hat had saved families and marriages, it was unreal. She then checked her mailbox and all types of letters from new people filled her box. Fiddle couldn't understand it, what had she done. She sat back in her chair and looked at her hats observing. She then looked at the design that she had sewed on the hats, it was a design that she created for her father when she was a child. The design was a face smiling and the eyes where two people hugging, those two people were Fiddle and her father. Fiddle realized something that she did not know. She realized that she loved her father. She then sat there pondering, while pondering Fiddle felt that feeling again. Her father was alive again. "So this is what it feels like," she said softly to herself. Fiddle then got up and put the design on all of her clothing, this was a feeling that she had never felt before. Fiddle felt great. She realized that because her father loved her she had made something for everyone to love and spread love, but most of all Fiddle herself learned to love. People all over now wore something that Fiddle didn't understand or feel but now did. Fiddle had created a masterpiece but most of all Fiddle had invented Love.
The End:-)

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