Thursday, February 26, 2015

The woman who saved History

Jackie had just got a new job as a history teacher. While preparing her lesson plan she noticed a pattern in each lesson. Jackie had noticed that history repeats itself. She had also noticed a lot of common characters that emerge each time. Jackie got her students together and told them that she was going to put a ripple in time. She decided to have each student place smiley faces everywhere they went and every time someone saw something negative, Jackie wanted the students to do something positive. After about two years of doing this, Jackie noticed an increase in productivity throughout the whole country. She also noticed that all of her students had passed her class and were getting along. In her studies Jackie had found a way to control the course of time by planting events on her history calendar. Every year she did this, bringing all different types of people together and touching lives. Jackie decided that she wanted to take her knowledge to the next level and get her Ph.D. When she got home something had happened. She looked at her wall and saw all of the certificates and articles about her work. Jackie paused for a second, her whole life had been dedicated to history. One thing Jackie never realized was that she was making history. She also realized that she was saving history. Everything she had been doing was being recorded and someone somewhere would pick up where she left off. In everything Jackie had done, she had changed the course of time.
That is the story of the woman who saved history.  

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