Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Message and the Slave: Method 8 History Project 1

It was a cold night on the plantation, but something was in the air. Sissy had saw somethin cuz I ain't nevaaa seen that look in her eyes befoe. The next mornin when we got up to tend the fields I went over and asked her what she had saw and this is how it all began:
"Boy it shoo is cold this morning," Tilly says stretching.
"Yeah, and I don't feel like doing nothing today, nothin at all," Poe replies.
Poe gets up and opens the barn door. He notices something strange is going on.
"Everything alright Poe?" Tilly asks, as she gets closer to the barn door.
"Good lord what don happened out here?"
"I don't know Tilly. Don't know at all," Poe says looking at all of the blood in the field.
Poe runs over to the house to see where everyone was.
"Hold on Poe. Hold on now wait for me," Sissy hollers trying to catch up.
Poe opens the door and sees Massa Fickle dead on the floor. He and Tilly hear someone singing in the other room.
"Go see who it is Poe," Tilly says.
They walk slowly over to the small room next to the kitchen and find Sissy on the floor singing the Star Spangled Banner holding a knife with blood all over her.
"Oh god, Sissy what you don done?" Poe says as Tilly tries to comfort her.
"It's gon be okay Sissy, it's gon be just fine you hear," Tilly says.
"I's got a message and when I got that message I's brave enough to do it. So don't y'all look at me as no bad person. I's did what I was told."
Tilly grabs her, "Sissy, what you talkin bout? What message?"
"Someone came to me last night and told me that I ain't got nothing to lose. The voice told me to kill Massa Fickle."
"Sissy you don lost yo mind," Poe says.
"I ain't crazy Poe, I ain't crazy at all. Peoples need to be workin together and we don't need to be slaves, you hear. Somebody got to stand up and stop this. So I just listened to the voice. All we got to do now is spread the message and save as many slaves as we can."
Tilly can't believe it, "Sissy you serious ain't you?"
Sissy gets up slowly, "I's know what I heard, now all we got to do is be brave enough to do it."

At that moment in history, the message was clear and spread on every plantation. When Sissy heard the line, "Home of the Brave" the message in her head became clear to her. Sissy was the beginning of the term "Freedom." To this day people all over the world hear that same voice and are brave enough to fight for their freedom.

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