Friday, February 20, 2015

The Panther, the Klan, and the Rebel: Method 8 History Project 4

Grandma Stevens was old. She had marched with about every movement you could think of. One day after work she decided to take a break and lay down. She finally decided to do something she wanted to do for a change. As soon as she got comfortable she heard some strange noises outside. Sounded like something was on fire. When she looked out of the window she saw a burning cross in the front yard and three men throwing rocks. One of the men had a pet panther.
"Get the hell off my property," Grandma Stevens shouted.
She then went in the house to grab her rifle and shot up in the air.
"I been marching all damn summer and I'm tired of this 'BS'. You folks can't get along for five damn minutes," she proclaims shooting in the air on her porch.
When the men heard the gun shots they started running. At that moment Grandma Stevens realized that no matter what she had done folks would be fighting until she died. The next day after explaining to the fire department what had happened, Grandma Stevens came up with a plan. She gathered all of her rebel friends together and decided to put an end to all of the madness.
"I got something for all them bastards you hear. I'm gone build a time machine and stop all of this," she explained to her friend Holly.
The next day Holly stopped by to check on Mrs. Steven's progress. When she arrived Grandma Stevens was gone. Not a sign that she had even lived on the property. No one had heard or seen the granny rebel since the meeting. It seemed as though she had disappeared. When Holly got home she settled in, then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she looked in the mirror she noticed that she was green. She started screaming. Holly then ran to her neighbors house to get some help. When her neighbor answered the door, she was green too.
"Oh my God what is going on?" She screamed.
She then noticed green people jogging up the street. Two green panthers were eating dinner on the curb with a Klan of green men.
"Holly what is going on? You okay?" her neighbor asked, with a puzzled look on her face.
"I don't know, but I'm assuming Grandma Stevens has something to do with this. After about three months of peace and quiet Holly decided to go see if the house that Grandma Stevens lived in was still empty. As she arrived she noticed there was a party going on.
"Come on in Holly! Welcome to the new Woodstock. I shut down all of their crazy asses," Grandma Stevens shouted to Holly over the music.
"My goodness what did you do?" she asks.
"I went back in time and crossbreed the human with the turtle. Now we can finally live in peace."
Holly can't believe what she is hearing as she realizes that everyone in the room is green.
Grandma Stevens rejoices and says,"No more burning crosses in the yard, Holly, here have some green juice."
That is the story of how the world finally achieved peace. All because of the Panther, the Klan, and the Rebel.

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