Friday, February 6, 2015

A God of Love:

My definition is attractive.
 I am that I am.
All you have to do is want me and accept me.
I am perfect in every way.
I am a force that can move in the night and day.
If you don't feel me it will drive you wild and when you do it draws a crowd.
Slowly, fast, or smooth once you feel me, I will change your mood.
In death I give you life.
In sorrow I give you hope.
In pain I give you pleasure.
In sadness I give you smiles.
At end I give you beginning.
In discipline I give you obedience.
In war I give you peace.
In failure I give you success.
I created everything for you.
I will not leave you.
In woman there is man.
In thought there is wisdom.
Give me your heart and I will fulfil your needs.
Turn away and I will bring you to your knees.
Fear me because I created you out of love.
I know your every thought.
In generations I watch and hear your prayers.
All I ask is that you care.
Spend time with me.
Thank me for what I have done.
I am in you and you are in me.
When you were slaves did I not set you free.
When men charge you money I come for free.
Be merciful, as I am to you
Forgive, as I forgive you
All I want is for you to understand that I love you so much I became one of you,
 in the form of a man.
I am in everything.
I am everywhere.
I am a God of Love.

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