Friday, February 27, 2015

The Dictator and his quest for Supremacy: Method 8 History Project 9

His name was not of that amongst the normal, for he was named after a brutal man who ruled before him. Whenever the name Korari was mentioned, it struck fear in the hearts and minds of the people. When Korari was in college he studied the law and it became him. Korari felt that kindness was a weakness and that people preyed off of kindness. Korari made the decision that he would rule with fear, for he believed that it was the only way to get people to work. Korari also studied supremacy. It was his belief that a pure bloodline could create a race of people that would dominate the world and reign supreme in the universe. To the people Korari was the devil, but to his followers he was the man chosen to lead. On his quest to purify the world he was deemed unstoppable. He destroyed any enemy that was not his ally.
Spoken with authority he would often tell the people that he himself was the law and that when they saw him they would see justice. Every time the people tried to find a flaw in Korari's leadership, the more it would lead to death and brutality.
"The face of supremacy is the face that looks like mine and acts like mine. I alone was sent by the Gods to rule with an iron fist," Korari proclaimed.
It almost seemed as though the more he killed the powerful he became. No one understood him because they were afraid of what they would become if they did.
"The world belongs to those who control it. It is a place that must be organized and cleansed with the blood of ignorant and foolish people. And I am the chosen one to cleans it by establishing one race of people," Korari explained in his quest to take over the world.
What was this man? Was he even a man? Who could be so cruel and brutal, that they would kill so many people and sleep well. On Korari's quest he faced an obstacle when he sent his forces to the Black and White Nation. This was a mixed country with many verities of people and laws. Korari saved it for his last quest in purifying the world because he felt this Nation alone was so unclean that once he cleansed it, he would be immortal.
In his speech before his invasion he spoke these words, "In my quest for supremacy, I know there is no goodness in any being that does not look like me. Me and my people are the chosen people. We will destroy and eradicate the world of immorality and injustice. Once my people conquer and kill all who oppose my plans for global justice, then I will sit at the thrown as ruler of the world."
When the Black and White Nation heard this message, it was the calling of historians who knew that if this being was not contained or killed the world itself would be no more. As they prepared for the last battled they watched as their Black and White flag flew in the wind.
"We are a nation with no leaders! We are a nation of free beings and we must fight for our freedom! And brothers and sisters when we claim this victory against this devil we will go down in history as the Black and White Nation who saved the world. Brothers and sisters, 'yes,' we are not supreme but we are chosen," these were the words of the battle captain. When the Black and White Nation defeated Korari's army and slit Korari's throat, the world was set free. When the most brutal being in history was eliminated, a peace was in the air. Once he was gone there was peace. Once he was gone, war was history. Thanks to the Black and White Nation.

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