Friday, February 13, 2015

The Genesis Conspiracy of the Love beings:

 In the beginning of time there were two beings on plant earth a male and a female, they were called the Earth Beings. These two Earth Beings had no knowledge of love. One night there was a strange light in the sky as the two Earth Beings slept. Strange sounds and vibrations filled the air as a shuttle landed in the fields where the two Earth Beings were sleeping. The two Earth Beings woke up and realized there were two other beings standing over them. "Greetings we are the Love Beings," one said. The Earthly Beings could not believe what they were seeing so they ran and hid. "Do not be afraid of us, we have come to give you a gift to populate the earth. This gift will save Earthly Beings," the male love being proclaimed. "Yes this gift was given to us by the Much Love Beings and we want to give it to you. We produce many children with this gift and we want to share it with the Earthly Beings," says the female love being. The male earthly being walked slowly over to the two Love Beings as they handed him the love gem. When he received it his heart started to beat as he shared it with his wife. The Love Beings saw that it was good so they left the Earth Beings free to love. As they looked from the window of their shuttle they responded, "I feel we have done something good we will bless them with smooth and groovy love as well." Then the Earth Beings' minds became influenced by each other and they began to populate the earth. They saw that everything on earth was good. This was love in the form of man and woman as it is written: Love created them and love would save them. Cool beings and much love |;-)

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