Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dan the weather man and the season of love:

This is the story of Dan the weather man and the season of love:
I am he, who am I
Y.O.U. can't you see,
I am he.
Dan the weather man O wee whoopee.
In the morning there is snow, in the evening up to your toe.
What a world of magical trees but when it comes to weather I am he.
He who?
Dan I am.
I tell the weather down to the bone, just like a dinosaur with a cozy museum as his home.
No time for rain, let's make it snow.
How about some ice Oh wee O no.
The sun will make the flowers grow but with no clouds, what will happen... who knows?
Only I can tell, maybe cast a spell for sunshine all day, Oh wee how swell.

"Dan wake up!" Betsy screams at the top of her lungs.
"What, what is it?" Dan responds sitting up in the bed.
"All of the trees are dying we have to do something," she explains. 
Dan wipes his eyes, noticing how bright it is outside; he jumps up and runs to the window. He looks outside and sees no clouds in the sky. "I will get right on it," Dan then hops in his car and zooms to his weather center.
Elijah his assistant runs to him on arrival, "Dan what do we do? There hasn't been a cloud in the sky for three weeks straight!" Elijah tells him pointing at the monitors. Dan can't believe what he is seeing on the screens. "Oh no what do I do," he says scratching his head, "If we don't see clouds we will all be dead."
"Ah ha!" Dan zooms past Elijah and rushes to the phone. "I need everyone to start hugging and giving out plenty of love. There is no time for anger or fear we need all love and cheer." Dan demands. In an instant everything came alive and a new season of love was in the sky. Dan had done it, he saved the day. Who would have known that love could control the weather but Dan, "Hurray!"

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