Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Mystery of the Underground World:

Even in the times of the messiah, with his wool hair and eternal phasic there was an underground world. Casting out demons who challenged the underground ministry was common for the messiah and his group of future prophets. The underground world is independent from the assumed to be legit world because it's reality. There are no score keepers in the underground market, just passion and love for the field. Harriet Tubman, had a piece of this underground fever. Even the comic book world emerged underground. There is underground music, underground politics, underground agents, and even underground writers. Being underground is spiritual, supernatural, it is the real thing. You watch from the underground world as the girl you love craves for the illusion of the legitimate spotlight or the guy embracing the national stage takes his fame to the next level and buys an island. All of that pressure and excitement while you express your feeling of them in a character for a group of buddies who crave your next story. The feeling of underground is the real thing, there is no escape from what you wake up to everyday. The only money from underground come from those feeling the same way. There is hope in the underground market, there are true followers who will follow you until you meet the cross, and when you do they will keep the story of hope alive in the underground world. Jealousy, war, and envy have no place in the underground world, just passion and an escape from the system. Once the system takes over, the underground is no more. There is true fame in the underground world, there is life or death situations, but most of all there is resurrection and eternity in the end.
That is the mystery of the underground world.  

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