Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Principle who Saved City High School: Method 8 History Project 6

Johnathan Roswell was an apathetic man. He was also an atheist. His motivation and inspiration came from reading fiction stories about superheroes fighting for justice in small communities. Johnathan at times could be described as a distraught man with little integrity. In deep thought on a corner bench Johnathan met a woman named Jill Ramos. She was very articulate and passionate about art. Jill was also a biblical scholar and a very distinguished woman, but her appearance was that of a singer or musician. While sitting on the bench, Johnathan made his move. He hadn't been with a woman in years and was impressed by her selection of colors for the day. Maybe she could help him be a better man, so he spoke to her.
"May I ask you what your name is," Johnathan ask trying to keep calm.
"Excuse me," she replies.
Johnathan giggles and asked again, "What is your name?"
Jill looks at her watch and then answers, "My name is Jill. And yours?"
"My name is Johnathan. Pleased to meet you," Johnathan says while straitening up on the bench.
They are both quiet for a second.
"I see you like rap music. Is that what you do for a living? Are you an artist?" Johnathan ask.
"I am an artist and yes I do like music. I am versatile. I prefer many types. I like rap music because it is creative and brings out the true nature in people," Jill says in deep thought about his questions.
"I'm a principle. My school is last on the list when it comes to academics, but we have a good sports program," Johnathan explains.
Jill looks at her watch again while responding to his comments, "Hum...Did you ever wonder why your school is last on the list?"
"I don't know. It could be a number of things. In the community where I teach the people are very poor. It's hard to appeal to poor people when you're wealthy. I may be out of a job if I can't get the school off of the failing list," Johnathan explains.
He then got Jill's full attention, she loved solving problems, "You know, early philosophers never understood the importance of religion. It was a mystery to the world and still is today. You need to make learning a religion, even if you have to use the bible as a tool. After all, it's just a book, you know. It can be used for academics, don't be afraid of it." Jill explained getting up to head to her exhibition. As she walked away Johnathan sat on the bench and thought about her argument, which, he could not rebut against because of her swift departure. Who would have thought that a woman dressed so provocative could be so intelligent. Johnathan then got up and got to work. He read the bible, changed the school curriculum, and code of ethics. After reading the bible Johnathan had become convinced. He then proposed a new plan and presented it to the school board at the beginning of the next physical year.
 "Good morning, I want to first start this meeting by explaining how delighted I am to be here today. My goals are simple and will take a collaborative effort. I feel they can be accomplished fast if taken seriously. I want to start by saying that learning must be practiced. It has to be a craving to want to know what makes the world work and how it works. I want to make my school into an academic religion. Everyday the students will practice the fundamentals of pursuing their desired profession. Each month the parents will have to come and observe their progress. If they miss school, then they will have to take makeup classes at the end of the year to graduate. I will enforce an overtime list for the teachers who want to extend their learning schedules for voluntary students who want to improve their grades. I will extend my art programs and enforce teachers to make the students do reports on their favorite artist. Although my list is long, I feel that learning has to be far from ignorance. I feel that learning has to be a pursuit to professionalism and a thirst for knowledge. And once that knowledge is achieved I want my students to know how to use it wisely."
After his speech, the board was moved. Johnathan was a changed man. Jill had made him a thinker and a believer. When City High School moved from last to first within two school years, Johnathan Mathew Roswell, went from a failing principle to a successful well respected man. After all of this he still felt something missing, so he often went to the bench where he and Jill had met, hoping that she would be there. He had almost given up on his happy ending until he went grocery shopping one night and saw her standing in line. When he approached her she had no clue who he was until he reminded her of the conversation they had on the bench years back in City Park. Jill and Johnathan became close friends and soon got married. It was the beginning of a new life for him. His happy ending began the day he was introduced to religion and the belief in God. Johnathan had found his purpose in life. He found the purpose to find passion in making other people's lives better.
 That is the story of the principle who saved City High School.

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