Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fighting for love:

I heard what you said.
Is everything I do not good enough for you?
I gave up everything for you and you didn't even show up.
Everyday I'm here, everyday and what do I get? Nothing.
You don't appreciate anything I do, do you?
I cook and I clean for you, what do you do for me?
What, you think I can't do it?
You think I'm ugly don't you?
I put my time and my money in this relationship and you just gone walk out of my life.
You think this is a game don't you.
If you didn't spend all of your time chasing the streets you would be home.
That job is all you think about.
What about me did you think about me?
That is all you talk about.
Look at me.
Is that damn ball gon pay the bills?
You haven't touched me or spoken to me in three days.
Where were you last night?
You spend more time with your friends than you do your own kids.
Is money all you think about?
You think them people give a damn about you?
You care about that business more than me.
Do you think I'm fat?
What are you looking at?
Why won't you come to bed?
Are you coming home?
When do you think you will get here?
I saw you over there.
I miss you, did you miss me?
I wrote you everyday and you didn't even take the time to call me.
Do you like what I'm wearing?
Did you cheat on me?
I called you five times and you didn't respond.
Don't leave me here alone.
Please don't go.
Look at me.
Do you love me?
Just tell me yes or no... please just tell me?
I do:-|

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