Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Fat Boy and the Boom Box: Method 8 History Project 2

It was a fine day for a jam session, and everybody in town knew where they had to be. Jay-the-Kid and Toe-Jam was all hanging out at Big Teddy's. As soon as I got my clothes on, I would be there to. You see, Big Teddy had the baddest beats in town, you dig. And I ain't jiven with you man, this boy was bad. I don't know much about his past, but when it came to jammin on the street, everybody turned to Big Teddy.
 As the crowd gathered around, it was almost time to get down. Toe-Jam went and got the cardboard boxes we needed to breakdance. They was all laid out on the street. It was not to long before Big Teddy came out of the house with his "boogie-down-kit." Big Teddy was the man. Once the beat started, everybody got in the groove of the mix. It was so hot outside, Lil Tina ain't have much on, but it was just fine with me, as long as she was getting down on the boogie you dig.
 "Hey Big Teddy, drop that beat you had on yesterday," Jay-the-kid suggested as he noticed a slow down in Lil Johnny's groove.
 Once Big Teddy dropped the beat it was a breakdancing extravaganza. Folks was spinning on their head. Two-Time-Mike did this new thang with his hands and jump up in the air doing the robot. For some reason this day was much better than the rest. We had new faces in the crowd and Big Teddy had more beats. It was something real special. After electric sliding across the floor I heard Lil Tina screaming to get everyone's attention.
 "Here come the Police," Tina shouted.
 Nobody moved though, they just kept on jammin. As the beat played I saw Big Teddy run in the house. He must of heard her. After about four minutes, he came out with this huge rectangular looking thing, some records and two turn tables. When the police got out to break-up the session, Big Teddy hit the play button on the rectangle and started mixing on the turn tables. When the cops got in the center of the circle, Jay-the-kid started poppin up and down. The cop then started poppin with him. It was unbelievable. This was no jive session my man, this was legit. Then Big Teddy pulled out a green, red, and black flat board and did the fat-boy-belly-wop to this new beat he had.
 After jammin for hours non-stop, I went over to Big Teddy and asked him what he called all that stuff he had, sweating from the showdown, this is what he said, "You see young blood. This here is my Boom Box. I made it in my great granddaddy's kitchen on 8th street. And these here turn tables with the records, is what I use to mix the beats, you dig. This here green, black, and red board is what I use to get down and the colors represent where um from. This is my green card to jam the nation. NO DOUBT!" After we got done viben, Big Teddy gently gathered up all of his items and went back in the house. I tell you, that fat boy had style and all the ladies digged him. As me and the jammers all walked away, Lil Tina explained why we never saw Big Teddy on the street, except at the jam sessions.
 "The reason big Teddy don't come out, is because it take time to make those dope beats, you dig," she explained.
 And that is the story of the Fat Boy and the Boom Box. To this day, the police officer that be gettin down in the jam circles is known as "Po Ice" and his hommie is known as "Lil L." Jam on Big Teddy, Jam On.

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