Monday, February 23, 2015

Nathanial the Great and his Mighty Prophets: Method 8 History Project 5

There was thunder in the sky on a cold September night and that is when it happened. Alexis was struck by lighting with a child in her womb. She fell to the ground in pain as the prophets came to assist her.
"Alexis my dear, your child is the one," Solomon explained.
"Yes, he will save us and build us a new future," Mortises confirms.
When the child was born she named him Nathanial. He was a slow learner but was very quick. After many hours with the prophets many doubted that Nathanial was the chosen one. All of the people had given up on Nathanial.
"He has no courage. He can't even spell. Our leader is a failure," they complained.
It was time for Alexis to address the council as she assured them that she knew her son could do it.
"Yes, my son may lack basic skills, but if you believe in him, I promise you, he will not let you down," Alexis proclaims as many left complaining with lack of belief.
As Nathanial grew older it was time for him to face his destiny. He only had eight mighty prophets left, for many had abandoned his legacy. One day the Phoenix Tribe had rebelled against the union.
"We will conquer all of the villages and establish our own independent nation. Princess Cassie has given us a new vision," the lead councilman of the Phoenix declared.
Word had got to Mortises and soon to Nathanial.
"Give me eight men who will follow me and I will destroy the Phoenix Tribe," Nathanial the Great explained, "These men must have no fear and they must not rebel against me. They must follow my lead and most of all they must believe in me."
The council listened to him and brought to him eight worthy men and two volunteers.
"Do you believe in me?" Nathanial asked them before they went into battle.
The men said nothing.
"I said do you believe in me?"
When one of the men stepped forward, they all stepped forward and they proceeded to the battlefield.
That very day the Underdog Tribe defeated the Phoenix Tribe with eleven men. The Phoenix Tribe had outnumbered them fifty to eleven. When word had got to the surrounding villages every man wanted to be a part of Nathanial the Great's movement. As he gave speeches on his vision of the new empire all of his men were convinced.
"I see a new horizon, I see a new nation ruled by the people, where we will no longer be underdogs but mighty worriers led by God. We will conquer our enemies one by one. We will be one nation," Nathanial the Great proclaimed to his new army of believers. After five years of battle and gaining territory with good prophecies Nathanial wanted to strike the East.
"I do not see this battle with victory," the prophet Mortises explains to Nathanial the Great with disappointment, "The East is just to great Nathanial," Mortises says.
"Do you not see all that we have done Mortises? Am I not greater? Does my name alone strike fear into the hearts of my enemies. If you do not believe in my greatness it will spread like fire. Do you doubt me Mortises? Our God has promised us an empire and as his servant I will have it," Nathanial the Great explains as Mortises became quiet. "You are a coward Mortises, leave me. You must learn that in death there is life."
No one could understand why Mortises doubted Nathanial the Great, some felt maybe he was jealous or just tired, but once they conquered the East, Nathanial the Great stood on the thrown of peace. Mortises went into exile after the great victory and many wanted to hang him for his doubt of the great leader. The legend of Nathanial the Great was told through the ages after his death. The unique thing about Nathanial is that he always stood alone, even amongst the people. It was as if the Lord himself walked with the people to bring peace to the nations. After centuries of war that is what he did. When the prophets laid him to rest, as Nathanial the Great was at peace, the world was at peace. That is the story of Nathanial the Great and his Mighty Prophets. "Believe in peace and it shall be done in time. Believe in a man of honor and all people with honor will believe and once the dust settles the air will be clear and things will be great." These were the last words of Nathanial the Great spoken on his death bed.

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