Friday, January 30, 2015

Interpreting the job of a composer:

Music is known for invoking feeling and emotions with organized noise or sound. There has to be a language for the musician to play the arrangement and a theory of some sort on how organized sound will be accepted by the listener. The composer has to be creative and know the language of music. The composer has to know the notes that are to be placed when composing a piece. Creativity takes thought and expansion on others' ability to create, so the composer has to be up to date on arranging pieces that the interpreter can understand. The composer then instructs the interpreter or musician on how the arrangement is to be played if there is confusion. If you have ever been to a symphony or a musical concert then you will notice the composer is always standing and instructing the band as the music is playing. He or she is making sure the pieces are being played properly and most of all, he or she is listening. Music takes time and many composers are under paid but they continue in the field because they love it. If you see a high price or a donation sign, it helps out a lot because musical equipment is not cheap. It is also a fact that listening to organized music increases your IQ.

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