Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Human Behavior

Daniel was a good man, but he could never figure out why when one person took one step, another would take two steps. Daniel decided to study human behavior as a profession. He soon noticed patterns within the way people interacted with each other. When people would kill, soon after, others started killing; when people would fight, soon after, others would fight. His studies became interesting, so interesting that Daniel started to believe that he was not human anymore, so he didn't bother anyone because no one would listen to him. He told his wife to save money, but she would never listen. Daniel also tried to give his mother financial advice but she just kept-on spending. He even thought about running for president, but gave up because he came up with the conclusion that people were just going to do what they wanted to do. After several years of complete solitude and a brutal divorce, Daniel decided to come out of his log cabin. When he came out he noticed that most of the cabins had been leased out and it was now a neighborhood.
"I guess these are my people," Daniel said to himself as he drove to the bank noticing a bunch of lonely men doing the same thing that he had been doing.
It turns out that Daniel's practice didn't take long to attract a crowd. Others had been watching and listening all along. As Daniel got older, he just let it go and came to the conclusion that the world only moves when something works. If a singer sings well and wears red, chances are, the people will wear red. If someone blows up a building, chances are, someone else will try to blow-up a building. Daniel gave up on his dream of controlling the masses. He just came up with the conclusion that he would sit in his log cabin and would do what he liked to do. He soon stopped worrying about everyone else. Daniel also realized that the word "no" creates a lot of enemies and "yes" creates a lot of friends. His chapter on studying human behavior closed on the day he gave his final lecture and refused to answer any questions. Daniel did it his way and at the end of refusing questions, he wished everyone good luck.

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