Thursday, September 29, 2016

A short tale of Lies and Truth

Centuries before the dark ages there were two beings on earth. One of the beings created things in truth and the other created things in lies. They were not Gods, yet they were basic instinctive beings of nature, no different from negative and positive energy. One day they faced off in a garden.
"I will make a deal with you Truth, if you can convince man to listen to you, then I will fade away and give you dominion over this planet. If man fails to listen to you and follows me, then you must never again try to convince them of the truth," Lies said as truth refused to shake his hand.
"I do not trust you. You haven't achieved anything on this planet that has not resulted in destruction and you have taken everything on the planet and twisted it for your own good. You're selfish and only say things that will benefit you," truth replied.
Lies pointed to his creations, "What have I done to con anyone. Everything I have created comes from you."
Truth began to get upset, "You're a con-artist, I create good fruit you create fruit that kills. I create love then you create hate. We're completely opposite."
Lies sees that he is getting under Truth's skin, "Well, if I'm so bad, then why is everyone afraid of you? Look at the majority of your truth tellers, they're single and most of them are alone. Would one rather get off believing in me or would one rather suffer believing in you?"
Truth stands up straight to plead his case, "There's nothing but good in me and in the end you will see that everything I say cannot be undone, because everything I say is true. If I'm so bad, then why do my people still stand and why are your people so weak and naive? Look at your people, they're strong in the beginning and weak in the end."
Lies began to get angry and walked out of the garden.
"I will never tell the truth, even if it's the death of me!"
After making this statement, disease and death followed lies everywhere he went, while, honor and strength followed truth everywhere he went.  

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