Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Director

"Cut! Cut! What is this? Is this acting? When I say smack him, I want you to knock the hell out of him. Do you hear me? Knock the hell out of him. Good lord, show me some excitement, make it believable," Greg says, throwing his script to the ground.
Nervously rubbing his head, he could not help the habit of checking his watch.
"We only have a week before show time and we're still looking like zombies on stage. I need to see more movement. More action, damn it! 'I can't go on with this, I'm in love with Jim!' Then you smack the hell out of him," Greg explained to Gina and Mark.
"I just don't want to hurt him," Gina replied.
"What do you mean hurt him? Listen, everyone gather around. It has to be believable. It has to have feeling. Don't give me this bull' about hurt. I need to feel the action on stage. I need you to project what the characters on stage are going through. You have to take everything you have, all of your emotions and let it out. The audience needs to feel your pain. None of this crap about what you really feel. Smack the hell out of him! Do you hear me? Now lets get to places...ACTION!"
Gina stood up straight and in the heat of the action she smacks Mark until the print shows on his face.
Greg jumps to his feet,
"Yes! Yes, that's what I need! Now Mark, I want you to grab her and try to kiss her. Then I want you to rip her shirt off and Gina I want you to resist him. Then Jim I want you to come in with the gun and shoot at her but Mark you take the bullet. Okay, places, places... ACTION!"
Feeling the smack to his face, Mark grabs Gina and rips off her shirt.
"You scandalous ...!"
Jim pulls out the gun assuming she is cheating on him, he fires and Mark jumps in front of the bullet and falls to the floor. Gina tries to aid him.
"Jim, what have you done?"
"Mark! Mark get up," Gina screams in the heat of the action.
"What the hell is going on and why are you in your bra?" Jim asked, while reloading.
"It's not what you think...He wanted to be with me, but I chose you Jim; I chose you."
Jim drops his gun and rushes over to kiss Gina.
"We have to run Jim."
"We have to get out of here and make this look like a suicide," Gina says as the sound of sirens fill the auditorium.
Greg jumps to his feet, "Cut! Cut! Wonderful, that's just what I need to see. Now do you feel how live the action is? Do you see the difference and how much you can feel what's happening. Okay that's a wrap for today,  I will see you all tomorrow at seven. We will be going over the next act. I want to warn you, if you're late, I'm docking your pay."

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