Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Supreme Love

The shade of red on her work vest seemed different every time he saw her. The woman worked and even cooked for herself; this was enough to get any man's attention. There was something about a woman raking leaves in October that made a man want to watch from the window. Curtis Russell was his name and Trina Mayfield was hers. Slowly moving the curtain to block his peeking eyes, he could not help but to get aroused. This type of watching was becoming a daily habit for Curtis. A single man with so much time on his hands was a threat to another man's obsessions. This was supreme obsession, Curtis had to have this woman and at any moment he would make his move. Wasting no time he grabbed his jacket. Watching her from the window, bagging her leaves, he walked his trash to the curb as though this was a normal occasion.
"Excuse me, in all of your divine beauty, I could not help but to notice your labor. May I so kindly interject on your land. It is my obligation to take over your daily duties to prove that I am worthy of your love," Curtis said, taking the trash bags off of the ground to bag the leaves.
"Dear sir, I do not want to refuse your kind gestures but you must understand that I maintain independence as a lady for an omnipotent reason..."
Looking deeply into her eyes, he could not help but to interject.
"My dear obsession with your eyes, and the way you display your unique curves would make me die just to hear your voice every morning. Please, my lady, do not deny me the joy of such companionship. My desire is to take you to the supreme levels of love and affection. It is my duty. I desire to please you."
Trina soaks in his submissions.
"I understand your obsession but my heart has been broken. I request nothing of you at this moment. You must give me time to heal."
Curtis takes her by the hand.
"I cannot go a day without watching you from the window. My dear, that is my confession. Do you not see that I have sacrificed my daily routine to come and be in your presence. Just the sound of your voice on this cold October day has made me even more drawn into your midst. The finesse of your motions has given me hope in the realms of supreme love. I am attracted to you in the most deepest passions of love. The obstacle that you've put forth for me is worthy for me to prove that I can heal your broken heart. I will take one knee on this day as I submit to serve you. Please do not refuse my offer."
Accepting his flirtatious confession, Trina then tiptoes into his arms, and on a cool October day the supreme laws of love overruled the laws of nature. The two beings, one being man and one being woman, became one under the divine laws of supreme love. As the two of them finished the yard, the scent of autumn love picks up every leaf off of the ground. A divine kiss, seals the deal that true love is still alive. A passionate hug, seals that deal that supreme love has overpowered the laws of repulsion. Attraction has now created a new life of submission to a greater power.   

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