Thursday, October 6, 2016

The young tale of Captain Jenkins and the raging Hurricanes

Once upon a time on a far away island, there was an imaginary super captain with an imaginary fleet. Everything he did came from the imagination. They called him Captain Jenkins, the superhero of the ocean. While all of the other captains and pirates were out searching for treasure, Captain Jenkins was out saving people from hurricanes and sea monsters. All it took was one tragic ocean event and one thought of a hero and there he was sailing the open seas. His fleet expanded all the way across the globe, docking on an imaginary island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
"I'll save anybody, I'll save a cat, I'll save a whale, I'll save a mouse with no tail," Captain Jenkins said dangling his binoculars, sitting starboard side of his ship, searching for some action.
"We got four hurricanes headed straight up to the shores of the U.S. What do we do Captain?" one of the sailors shouted from the flight deck.
"What do you mean, what do we do? We go save some lives,"
Captain Jenkins said, as he then shouted to the signalman to put up his battle flag.
"Full speed ahead," he yelled, rushing to steer the ship.
Hitting the rough seas with his crew, the immortal fleet zoomed in with aid and shelter.
"Grab the babies before they drown, smack the faces of evil clowns. It looks like we're up against four category fives. We may need more ships. These hurricanes don't look to be letting up no time soon," Captain Jenkins ordered as the ships were sailing through the heavy water and winds.
Rain and ocean water poured in from all sides. It almost seemed like mission impossible.
Jake Walls, one of Captain Jenkins best sailors seemed to be coming to grips with reality,
"What do we do Captain? We won't be able to save everyone. We're taking on too much water."
"Don't say such a thing shipmate, call in the Angel Fleet. These wicked hurricanes are evil and we must destroy them all, to save the mortals."
As the Angel Fleet came rushing in, Captain Jenkins and his crew witnessed the impossible. Ships sailing the clouds, lacing the sky with navy blue and gold glitter, took all of the people and put them above the storms. A trumpet blew as the Angel Fleet dropped anchors in the eye of each storm.
"This is it shipmates, this is when the miracles happen!" Captain Jenkins yelled to his crew.
As the anchors dropped from the sky, right in the eyes of the hurricanes, the winds soon settled and the storms died down. Cheers filled the Atlantic. Captain Jenkins and his Angel Fleet had saved the day.
After the storms, Captain Jenkins commissioned ship "Zero" to represent the zero deaths in the hard fought battle against mother nature. He then took his fleet on a six month deployment to patrol the globe for more action.
"Hooyah! What a fight. I will get home just in time to kiss the kids good night."
The End.

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