Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The other side of Dr. Kalapos's Laboratory

"If you don't stop the madness, they will take you down! John, they will take everything you worked for," Dr. John Kalapos's wife tried to explain to him. Flipping through the pages of his magazine, he said nothing. He just stared at the pictures of all of the dead bodies on the page of an article about Ebola. After his wife left, he wrote her another suicide note as he often did to get her attention: "DEAR VIKKIE, STOP WORRYING ABOUT MY PATIENTS. THE NEXT TIME YOU ARGUE WITH ME, I'M GOING TO JUMP." It was clear that John needed a vacation, but debt and stress would cause anyone to go to the extreme. John loved people and he loved his patients. They would talk to him about their problems, and like few people, John would listen. His patients were a lot like him, they had little money and lots of problems. They even had health problems and couldn't afford to live. Submitting to their woes,  Dr. Kalapos would welcome his patients into his personal laboratory, and at their request, he would have them sign a paper giving him permission to kill them. Once they signed, he would inject them with high doses of oxycodone. After several years of this operation, families started catching on. It's funny because these families who acted like they cared, were never around when these people were suffering.
On his day in court, just like he would often do with his wife, Dr. Kalapos sat there in silence. He watched as people testified and even spoke about how they loved and believed in God. They told him how evil he was. Some even threatened to burn down his laboratory. Coming to reality that her husband was going to be facing life in prison, his wife filed for a divorce. Like his patients, Dr. Kalapos was alone. Sitting in his jail cell, he would often reflect on his whole life. He remembered all of the children who would come to his doctor's office and how they would grow up and remember him. He thought about all of the lives that he had saved. Through all of the madness, John kept his mouth shut, and said nothing. On his last day in court, he was sentenced to be put to death. Dr. Kalapos, as usual, said nothing. With protestors outside of the house, his wife found the last suicide note that he wrote her and began to cry as a ball of fire came crashing through the window. The house, along with her husband's laboratory, burned to the ground. On the day of his execution, Dr. John Kalapos, like his patients, was put to death. When he reached the other side, all of his patients were there waiting for him and they welcomed him. Spending the majority of his life as a practicing doctor, John figured out the answers to life at an early age. John believed that there was a better life on the other side. A life that some people were afraid to face. Now at peace, John's feelings were felt in an eternal way. He did not have to speak, it was all feeling and peace. Through all of the madness on earth, John never feared the enemy that everyone has to face. Ironically, John lived after death and even though it seemed wrong to meet his patients' request, the answers to real living were always in John's heart. John's heart stayed with the people who came to him. For some reason those people stayed on his mind and welcomed him to the other side of his laboratory.    

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