Friday, October 14, 2016

The Interception of the Atomic Bomb

It was another day in paradise and two of the worlds most famous scientist found themselves solving all of the world's problems again, but no amount of intelligence could stop what was about to happen.
"Grant, would you rather be dumb or smart?" Armon asked, examining a graphite specimen.
Grant stopped in the middle of his work.
"Well if you examine the two, one would know that each of the two are the same, because no one being can know everything. I would rather know nothing and be safe than know everything and be in danger."
Armon slowly removed his glasses.
"You may want to look at this."
Grant slowly walked over to the table as he noticed the graphite interacting with the sodium.
"How is it doing that without liquid? There's no heat. Why are they merging?"
Armon pointed to the mercury in his thermometer.
"All of these particles are somehow getting smarter," Armon said, wiping the sweat off of his head.
"What do you mean getting smarter? They're not alive."
Armon rushed to see what was in the paper on the far end counter of the lab to see if some major event had occurred but saw nothing.
"All this time we thought we were controlling them but they've been controlling us."
Grant could not comprehend.
"Armon, what are you talking about?"
Armon rushed to grab his encyclopedia off the shelf. The solids and liquids have been experimenting on us. All this time we've been thinking we were doing this. We're a part of them."
Grant started to comprehend.
"Oh God, that explains everything."
Armon pointed to an image of the atomic bomb falling on Japan.
"We need to find something pure to stop what's about to happen."
Confusion filled Grant's mind.
"What you're saying makes no sense," Grant replied in frustration as he observed the facts.
Armon flipped to a picture of Tesla, "This man right here, along with the Egyptians and whoever was on this earth before us had to be receiving information from somewhere."
In deep thought the graphite and sodium began to eat away at Armon's skin.
Grant grabbed the fire extinguisher.
"No, don't save needs me. Find something pure."
 As the particles ate away at Armon, Grant had no idea what was going on.
Alone in the room, the other outside scientist locked him in. Grant screamed and punched the windows, while they sat around and watched. It was obvious that no one at the plant knew what was going on and because of Armon's discovery they had been quarantined. Images started to flash through Grant's mind. It was clear that something was communicating with him. In a locked laboratory all he could think about was what Armon had asked him. The image of electricity then filled his thoughts. Grant then took a cable to electrocute himself. As he began to do it, he realized what Armon was trying to explain. All this time mankind kept reaching further and further into the knowledge of the unknown and the things that keep things in motion were trying to communicate. When this happened in real time there was an explosion of matter and cosmic energy. The atomic bomb was never felt by the dead, only by the living. Grant then took off his badge and stripped off his clothes.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" He screamed.
Something from the God particles exploded and filled the room as deep as the darkness of space.
Once the explosion was done the earth was silent and the heavens were opened. Armon and Grant had reached into the realms of eternity with one message to send back to earth.
At that moment, all of the subatomic particles subsided and all that was left on earth was positive energy. Everything began to fly.

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