Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Gold Diggers and the Government

"My lord Jim, that looks like gold," Jeffery mumbled as he and his best buddy Jim were digging a pipeline under the moonlight and a small set of lights. Jim put his shovel to the side and pulled out his flashlight and started brushing off the dirt with his gloves to get a better look.
"Jeffery, go get the truck... Move it! We got to get what's ours before this gets out," Jim said, scraping to collect the small pieces of gold emerging from the dirt.
"But Jim, this here land belongs to the government..."
"Jeffery, if you don't go get that damn truck I'm 'gon bury you in this here dirt. Now go!"
Not too long after the threat, Jeffery quickly pulled up to the large hole in the ground as Jim tried to catch his breath. It was evident that his discovery could not go unnoticed for too long.
Jeffery hopped out of the truck.
"So how much you get?"
"Not enough. 'Come-on down here and help me. We got to get as much as we can and get to Canada," Jim said, dripping in sweat.
Filling the truck up with dirt, the two of them managed to get about eighty-three pounds of gold loaded before sunrise. They then set-out on a speed trail to Canada.
"You see, if Americans were smart, they would've owned that there land and been able to make a profit. We would still be there digging and would have been able to make more off of what we found. In court we would have been able to split it with the owners, under civil laws. But since that there property belongs to the government, we got to flee," Jim explained, while trying to maintain the speed limit.
"So what's the plan? What if we don't make it?" Jeffery asked.
"What do you mean, 'If we don't make it?' We ain't got no choice," Jim replied.
They had only fifty miles left before they reached the Canadian border but they were almost out of gas. Jeffery turned on the radio while Jim went inside the gas station to pay for gas. On almost every station the reporters were reporting on all of the people shot while trying to escape with gold that had been found on the government property where Jeffery and Jim were digging. Jeffery trembled in fear as he overheard the reward for two government contractors on the run with government property. Jeffery then rushed to tell Jim, but it was too late, their rush of excitement ended at the gas station with two officers noticing who they were.
Being handcuffed and stuffed into the back of a police car, Jim was speechless.
"If only the citizens of this country had the same mindset as you Jim, we would be rich. Too bad the Government now owns everything," Jeffery said, as he tried to get comfortable in his cuffs.
Riding away in the back of the police car, the two of them looked back as government agents confiscated the gold that they had found on the government's property.  

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