Friday, October 21, 2016

Three sides of the American Coin

I'm in a tight spot and I've just done something I had no business doing. I failed at trying to be perfect again. I once read a book about law and how if someone drops something on the ground it's wise to leave it there because they may come looking for it. In my deep thoughts I know what I just did was wrong so I sit on the curb and wait for my ride. When I look down, I see a coin. It's a shiny copper penny. The words "In God We Trust" stand out on the penny. Ironically, I would notice those words after I've just done something wrong. I ponder on this thought. I think about the human conscience and how we live as creatures. I wonder about purpose. Sitting here, I can either pick this penny up and be worth an extra cent, or I can leave it, because it doesn't belong to me. Before I read the words on this penny, I felt helpless, but for some reason this penny was dropped in the right place at the right time. I have no money in my pocket, but the words on this shiny copper penny have just saved my life. The words on this penny make it worth more than one cent. I put the penny back on the ground where I found it. The message is priceless and the words may give the owner hope, if they come looking for it. I leave what I've done wrong in my past and I move one step closer to trusting in something worth much more. The water in the wishing well quenched my thirst but the penny belongs to someone else. All is forgiven and I have hope in a better tomorrow.  I will leave this American coin on the ground in hopes that the owner will come back looking for it and won't forget the important message that was put on it. 

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