Wednesday, October 26, 2016


"Hey, get me another drink," Tim said sluggishly to the bartender.
After his demand, the bartender gave Tim's friend Victor a look that only a man with doubt in his eyes would give.
"Um. Tim. Maybe we should go," Victor said.
Tim brushed him off and took another shot.
"I will go after I get what I came here for." 
Victor looked around at all of the women in the bar. He then understood what Tim was referring to. Feeling his heart weighing heavy, Victor grabbed his gun out of his holster and shot it in the air. Everybody hit the floor and Tim spilled his drink.
The bartender peeked over the bar with debris falling from the ceiling. 
"Dude what the hell are you doing? Have you lost it?" He shouted. 
Standing in the middle of the chaos, Victor pointed his gun at the bartender.
"I want you to take that lighter and set this place on fire," Victor said with no doubt in his demeanor.
The bartender couldn't help but submit to his demands. At this point the place was empty and everyone in the bar had fled to safety. Walking with Tim on his shoulder to the car and the building behind him ablaze, they screeched out of the parking lot before the cops arrived.
"Ah...whyyy...daaah you dooo that? She was about to come see me." Tim said with a slur in his voice.
"You need to get it together. What I just did will lead to something better, wait and see." Victor replied in a calm rational tone.
Somehow Victor started a ripple effect with his hostile act. Sitting in the courtroom on assault charges and a possible jail sentence the story had caught the attention of the people in the small town. Standing before the judge, he pleaded his case.
"I know you all think what I did was crazy, but before you lock me up, I want you to ask yourselves: What would you do for a friend? What would you do for someone running in circles? Every night I sat and watched as the people in this great town smoked and drank themselves to death. Now they see the righteous end of the battle. Now they get the point. I had to go to the extreme to get you people to understand what is really at stake in this town. Because of what I've done, you all will start to see the light," Victor explained to the people in the courtroom.
After listening to his closing remarks the owner of the bar had requested that the judge drop all charges against Victor. He too had caught on to Victor's motives. After that day, Tim had vowed to never pick up another drink again. Once the trial was over and the people got the message, they got together and built a community center on the land where the bar once stood. Victory helped lay the pipes as his sentence for having the place burnt down.

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