Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Corrupt and Conquer

Madam Swinton was her name, she was on her way to the highest office within the Upton States. The states had been drawn into complete chaos before her rise to the thrown and only one man stood in her way. All of her critics had known nothing divine about the woman. She was known as a liar and a corrupted soul who would do anything for power. In her last speech before being elected in, she had her running mate killed. After such a hostile act, she then made treaties with all of the enemy nations. She burned all of the books and set a curriculum in place that would only allow her people to advance.
"I want you all to address me as Madam Swinton. It is my duty to rule this planet. I was destined to rule. In me you will find nothing but royal blood from the sacred tribe of Canon," Madam Swinton stated in her address to the Congress.
There was only one hope for the people, and his name was Dash. He was raised by the indigenous people of the Upton States and his tribe was executed in fear that his family would rise to power. Dash escaped and was taken in by the Shaba tribe. He witnessed things that no man with a stable mind should witness, but Dash stayed true and was a solid man. He was not easily persuaded and resisted all temptation from the Jezebel tribe, because of this, his life was always in danger. The Jezebel tribe was very powerful and had gained access to the Tech tribe, who gave them access to every channel within the Upton States to spread their corrupt ways. Madam Swinton had also used the Jezebel tribe to imprison the minds of stable men and keep them weak. This was her plan. She felt that the world needed her and that she was the pathway to utopia. The good people of Upton were suffering from the laws that had kept them in bondage. They had watched as evil minded people advanced while they suffered. Babies were killed at the hands of the Jezebel tribes and good men, who once were mighty carpenters, were turned into sex slaves.
"My people of Upton, we must breed the powerful males to never think for themselves again. We must understand that knowledge against anyone who opposes my law is a sin to the Gods in the heavens. I am, that I am," Madam Swinton proclaimed in her quest to eliminate the Alpha tribes. Her rule turned woman against woman and male against male. The citizens of Upton became envious of one another and soon started robbing and stealing as Madam Swinton's laws made it hard for them to access money. While she marveled in the riches of the world, the people suffered. She eliminated all religious law and convinced the Meek tribes that she was God. The Meek tribes were the majority of Upton States. She then had her husband executed for mingling with the Jezebel tribe and made him a global statement to the Alpha tribe, whom all had been watching and suffering under her rule. There was no safety on earth from her tyranny. Madam Swinton had been empowered by forces of another world. She took all of the guns away from the citizens of Upton. She imprisoned the majority of the males from the Alpha tribe. It almost seemed like the end of the Upton States, until a man named Dash gained access to a book that was given to him by the Divine tribe. Theta, the ruler of the Divine tribe gave it to him, the book was hidden when Madam Swinton ordered that all books be burned. Dash soon became enlightened by the Divine tribe.
"You must use the knowledge in this book to bring justice and divinity back to the citizens of Upton. Use this book to overtake Madam Swinton," Theta said, knowing that her words would put her family and tribe in danger. In this, the people began to favor Dash and this caught the attention of Madam Swinton. As she sat in the Circle Office, she questioned the Congress,
"I hear of a man, whom the people favor. Find out who he is and where he comes from."
When her officials heard this, they sensed fear in her voice. This made them curious so they put her to the test and summoned Dash. Filled with knowledge and wisdom he walked the carpets of the golden capital to meet her. When the people heard him speak it caused them to become enlightened. Madam Swinton's reign as leader had never been challenged until this day. In all of the uproar and shifting of forces she challenged Dash to a debate. In her cleverness, she assumed that she could steal his shine. She made every attempt to belittle him so she sent the Jezebel tribe to entice him and get information about who he was. Dash, being enlightened by the book given to him by the Divine tribe, did not fall for her tricks and destroyed Madam Swinton in the debate with a divine plan for the citizens of Upton. Dash had a new and better vision.
"I want him dead, sacrifice him to the Gods. No heathen will ever embarrass me in front of the people," ordered Madam Swinton to the Supreme Congress.
On their quest to have Dash killed the citizens protected him and a new war emerged. The citizens found a new hope and something to fight for, with Dash leading the way.
"On this day we will put an end to the corruption of our nation and we will overtake the Golden Capital and feed Madam Swinton to the wolves," shouted Dash to the people. The people cheered as they found a new hope. They soon moved swiftly to overthrow the capital but the Congress would not go down without a fight. Outnumbering the Congress, ninety-nine percent to one percent, the citizens of Upton used their numbers to overthrow the Congress. At the end of the fight, Dash restored faith back into the citizens of Upton States with a victory and eliminated the highest office in the world. In the end, Upton States was ruled by the people. The people governed themselves from the divine book hidden and passed down by the Divine tribe. This was a new beginning for the Upton States and became the end of Madam Swinton's reign. The corrupt rule of Madam Swinton had been conquered by a nation in search of a better system. All it took was one divine book, and one man to read it.    

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