Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pink Steel

"Welcome back Mr. Steel."
"Yes, it's good to be back. What is my task? Mr. Steel replies.
"Well I want you to stop one thing for me, by the way my name is Johnny," the man says taking a seat.
"What would you like for me to stop?"
"I own some property and since the price of steel has declined I need you to burn down some buildings so I can collect the insurance." Johnny explains to Mr. Steel with a very serious demeanor.
"Why would I do something like that. That is a crime," Mr. Steel says becoming very uncomfortable.
"Mr. Steel you have cancer and you have to pay the bills. I am giving you a price to stay alive. Do you see any of these doctors giving you this opportunity? Johnny says really catching Mr. Steel's full attention.
"Don't you get it, if you don't have any money you're a dead man," Johnny explains to Mr. Steel as he has no idea who this man is.
Mr. Steel gets up from the table and attempts to exit the room but the door is locked.
Johnny sits back in his chair.
"You have to make a choice Mr. Steel."
Johnny pulls out a contract for him to sign.
"One million dollar insurance policy and you walk away with half."
Mr. Steel starts to feel a strange force taking over his soul and mind.
"I can't do it. This is not right, I will just have to die with this sickness."
"But don't you want to live?" Johnny replies.
Mr. Steel falls to the floor, "Listen I am weak, I just got out of radiation why are you doing this to me?" he says punching the floor.
Johnny stands up from the table. Pulls out a syringe and injects Mr. Steel with the cure then opens the door and leaves. Mr. Steel sits on the floor with no understanding of what just took place. Crawling out of the room he notices a magazine sitting on a stand reading: "Pink Steel saves the Rust Belt"
Mr. Steel gets up from the floor.
"Go home Mr. Steel you look tired," a women says walking by.
"Will somebody explain to me what is going on?"
The lonely man with no family had no clue that just because of his steel spine he had saved the world.
The nurse then gave him a bill of clean health and told him he was released.
Mr. Steel was given a pink sucker and shown the way out.
The loneliest man on earth had no clue of what just took place.
Walking away from the treatment center he saw all of the pictures on the wall of the people who made the right choice. Once he realized what just happened a magical spirit filled his soul.
Mr. Steel was not as alone as he thought. There were magical forces and a whole gang of survivors with him the whole time.
That is the story of the "Incredible Mr. Steel" A.K.A. "Pink Steel"

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