Friday, October 23, 2015

"Super Pink"

Miss Judy was different. The majority of her life was spent watching superhero movies. She noticed that she had special powers when she was twelve. The amazing thing about Judy was how her cells could attack bad cells at extra ordinary speeds. Judy kept this secret until cornered by a dying child at age thirty two. When Judy found out that the human race was being taken over by bad cells she put on her pink boots and transformed into "Super Pink." After her transformation she went to her blood chamber and donated every sample of blood that she had so that others could be just like her. Judy had saved everyone with cancer. She became an overnight celebrity for revealing her secret identity. She had not a trace of flying ability nor did she have a strand of super human strength. God made Judy for one reason, he made her to show that with gifts and great power comes great responsibility. Judy did all of this on her own time and with her own strength. At the end of her journey the people gave her the superhero name of "Super Pink."

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