Monday, October 5, 2015

The advancement of intellectual property:

Technology has changed over the years. Things have sped up and cultures have shifted towards production more than morality. With this change comes ideas that are left in the dark and as every culture changes, ideas also change. Styles also change with cultural shifts, all this comes from intellectual property. The people, the artist, and the thinkers. Laws have also changed but mainly in favor of those who want to profit off of their ideas. Where there is profit there is money and when money is involved, people do amazing things to get it. Some people even sale their ideas. As cultures change and the world advances more into digital media, people are uncertain about the future of intellectual property. Thinkers are now wondering if their ideas will even be their ideas or will they be able to make money off of them. Intellectual property has evolved from a race to be the first to think of something, to a wonder of will your ideas remain yours. Although the future is uncertain it is safe to say that the true thinker keeps thinking and writing through it all.

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