Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pink Blood

Autumn was not far away and Makala wanted to get something special for her mother's birthday. She had a hard time getting up the next morning after all of the commotion last night between her mother and father. Her father informed her that her mother would be visiting the doctors quite a bit. Makala thought nothing of it but she had a feeling that her dad had been hiding something. Struggling to get out of bed, feeling the effect of yesterdays news, she reached over to grab her glasses. It was cloudy outside but the sun still managed to shine through a few clouds in the sky. As her foot hit the old wooden floor the coldness made her shiver. Makala soon noticed that no one was home. She put on her robe and went down stairs to turn on the heat. Wiping the crust out of her eyes, see noticed a batch of papers and opened envelopes on the table. Raging with curiosity, she walked swiftly over to the table. The floor creaked as she grabbed a chair. Slowly sitting down she felt a small breeze coming from a window that her parents must've left open. The letterhead on one of the papers stood out to her, "Cancer Treatment Center." Her heart skipped a beat. She fell to the floor when a large piece of broken glass pierced her skin. Feeling the sharp pain, she quickly tried to rub it away when she noticed her blood was not red but pink. Trembling in fear she turned to get more light. Makala was now a victim. Her life had been smooth until now. Everything would change. As the pink blood dripped down her leg, thoughts of an uncertain future flashed through her mind. Glancing at all of the pictures in the house, tears filled her eyes. This explained why her parents were acting so strange. Braced up against the wall in pink blood she could smell the stale air from the old furnace warming up. She then took her index finger and smeared the pink blood on her face as if preparing for a battle. Sobbing on the cold floor covered in pink blood Makala had now been initiated. Makala was now a soldier in the fight for her mother's life. She would cherish every moment she would have with her mother from now on.   

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