Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lady Bella and the Pink Warriors

Lady Bella was her name and boy was she a fighter.
Mixed up in a world of chaos and lumps made her body much lighter.
Her comrades called her stone.
Men often left her alone.
But no matter what, Lady Bella would welcome everyone in her home.
It was a late fall day when the bomb hit and all of the men were down and out.
The women saw war coming so they band together without a doubt.
"This war is ours for the taking," one of the women declared.
As Lady Bella grabbed what was left of her hair.
She put a pretty pink bow on and grabbed her arrow.
The women fought to the death like Israelites and Pharaohs.
As the last cell was hit.
The women cheered in glory for Lady Bella had won the fight.
Another day on earth and another victory in sight.
As the Pink Warriors celebrated their pink flag flew in the night.
And Lady Bella in all her glory was healed because of her might.

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