Monday, October 12, 2015

The (USS) Pink Ship

"My God Jim, we're taking on too much water."
"I don't have time for your whining, just plug the damn hole."
Ross looked Jim in his eyes with a deep stare.
"Will you give up. Will you just see that we lost this war."
Jim can't believe what Ross is saying so he smacks him across the face.
"When we hit this next port I got a big surprise for you. Ever since you came aboard this ship I been smelling pussy cats all around this deck. I got 4,000 pounds of pink paint and I want this whole ship painted pink before we get back out to sea. Since you think this war is over, we will see if these bastard can sink a pink ship."
Once Ross and his crew got done painting, the ship was back out to sea. The pink hull was a big difference maker. Everyone was so spellbound by its beauty that they didn't aim at it. The ship sailed right through the madness.
"Ross hit the music!" Jim shouted.
When Ross hit the music everyone hit the ports. The enemy even docked their ships and all the sailors came together like cancer cells and had a blast of a good time. They were so in love with the pink ship that they all became good friends and had a party. While everybody kicked back on the island, Ross eased over to Jim.
"'Man,' Jim you may have just saved the whole Atlantic Fleet."
"Well, you tell Admiral Mitscher the good news before he drinks himself back to reality. Once word gets out that a pink ship stabilized the East Coast, who knows what the future will hold."

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