Tuesday, October 20, 2015

50 Shades of Pink

Anna had just come from the doctors. When she got home she noticed the door was cracked.
"Who's there?" she shouted up the stairs.
After her treatments she would always have this strange feeling as if someone had been in her house. Noticing the door was open had made her certain that someone was present. Slowly walking up the stairs to check her closet she finds no one. Reaching down to check under her bed she feels a breeze going through her dark pink skirt. Stimulating... she thought as she felt chills roll down her spine.
"I'm here to cure you Anna," a calm voice from behind the light pink curtains on her wall whispers. She slowly walks over to the curtain.
"Come out, reveal yourself," she says.
Getting closer to the curtain two arms emerge and grab her. Slowly pulling her dark pink skirt down he kisses her on her soft lips.
"This is what you need Anna. This is what you've really been wanting. Let me heal you with love. Let me bless you."
Anna falls to the bed as the unknown man emerges from the curtains.
"My name is 'Doctor Feel Good' and I know the true cure Anna."
He rips off the rest of her clothes and as he slowly goes to take off her pink heels she hears a weird noise.
"Anna, wake up dear. It's time for your meds."
Anna looks at the nurse in her faded pink gown,
"Woe, I wonder where that dream came from. I was just starting to like this place. Excuse me nurse, is there a Dr. Feel Good here?"
The nurse gives her a strange look, "Anna are you okay my dear?"
Anna sits up in her bed, "I'm okay I was just having a flashback," she says noticing the nurse writing on her chart.
"What I meant to say is: does this hospital have anything that feels good instead of the medicine?"
The nurse smiles at her, "Oh yes my dear, let me put on Sunday's best."
Anna looks at the clock, then reclines back in her bed.
"I wonder if love really is the cure," she says to herself hoping to fall back to sleep.

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