Friday, October 30, 2015

Pink Cobra and the haunting of Dr. Pinker

Two patients sit in the same room at the doctors, one was admitted because he tried to hurt himself and the other checked in with cancer. The nurse comes in with a pink cobra mask on dressed for Halloween. The patient who tried to hurt himself was given a blue pill and the cancer patient was given a pink pill. While they laid there drowsy from the meds Dr. Pinker walks in the room in normal clothes.
"Why aren't you wearing a costume?" the patient who tried to hurt himself asked.
Dr. Pinker responds, "Because I don't believe in Halloween."
 The patient with cancer gets up out of the bed,
"Well than why do you dress like a doctor everyday?"
 The nurse in her pink cobra mask opens a tray with two shiny apples.
"Where's the pills?" the patient with cancer asks.
"Here you two eat these apples, they will open your eyes," the nurse says.
"But I can already see you," the patient who tried to hurt himself responds- picking up the apple and smashing it on the wall. The patient with cancer then gets up from the bed to leave.
"Where are you going?" Dr. Pinker says blocking the door.
"Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost," he says standing his ground.
 The patient with cancer then walks straight through Dr. Pinker as though he where not even real. The patient who tried to hurt himself starts to punch himself in the face. Then when he looked at the nurse she looked like she had two pink cobra heads.
 "O my God it's Medusa," he screams.
Dr. Pinker slams the door, "Okay I have had it up to here. That's enough," he says pulling out a needle.
"The sign out in the lobby says no sharp objects allowed in the building!" the patient with cancer yells. The nurse grabs her and throws her to the bed. The patient who tried to hurt himself shouts,"Don't look into her eyes!"
He then runs to the window painted on the wall and slams into the painting. Dr. Pinker injects him with the needle while the nurse calms the cancer patient. The room grows silent and the sound of patients in the other rooms are heard echoing through the walls. The cancer patient sits there curled up in her bed,
"God help me!" She screams.
 A loud announcement then comes over the PA system,
 "Code blue room 305."
The doctor runs out of the room while the patient who hurt himself lays passed out on the floor. A kid then walks by the open door and starts to scream as the nursing light blinks on and off. The nurse stands there in her pink cobra mask. The cancer patient lays there shaking, "O Lord, I've checked into the hunted house."

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