Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Babbling Creation" and the "Pink Baby Syndrome"

Doctors in the shadows.
Searching for a cure.
Crying eyes in front of colors dark and bright alike.
Outlasting days and cheating death in search of life itself.
People disguised as heavenly creatures.
Putting up a fight.
Babies wrapped in blankets sitting at your doorstep.
Discovered late at night.
Crying to their parents claiming life isn't fair.
Little dirty dolls with pink combs slithering through their hair.
Tears falling from a mother filled with love.
Fading patterns of time seen as days fly by like doves.
Oceans with waves then calm winds at sea.
Left alone in the doctor's office with the future in his hands.
Pink babies dressed up turning blue and a doctor left unknown.
One day the baby will grow and cure the pink baby syndrome.
Sitting alone by the sea searching for a cure.
Babies walking on water who will give them a chance.
Only time will tell which one will be chilly, like winter breeze.
Mother and father's hoping that even through discipline the baby will obey.
The blessings of earth in every step of the way.
Who will find the cure to save the day.
As time passes and birds fly the doctor must endure.
Patients coming and going searching for a cure.
I have another chance the doctor says out loud.
More time on earth to grow more like a child.
Is the "Pink Baby Syndrome" real?
Or is it a doctor cheating death with his hands tied up in pills.
Only time will tell as the child grows old.
Who will find a cure?
Babbling on in history, giving life a reason.
Pink babies needing care.
When it's all said and done...
Who will be there?
Through the bad times and good.
Even when the child is misunderstood.
Wearing clothing with fancy hoods.
Speaking words like adults.
Cancer spreading like weeds.
Growing from the ground like seeds.
O the changes life can bring when the child finds its love.
History in his or her hands.
Like mothers and fathers waking up.
To cure the syndrome we just pray that they never...ever...give up.

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