Monday, March 23, 2015

Titter and his Lucky Pen:

"Titter you mustn't live in your imagination all the time, so stop writing and get to bed," Mrs. Pen says to her son, who will not stop writing down his thoughts.
"But mother, writing frees me from reality. It gives me energy," Titter replies.
"Well I don't think it is healthy Titter. I don't think it is healthy at all."
Titter gets in the bed and snuggles up close to the wall, then falls to sleep.
"Titter Pen," a voice calls.
"Who's there?" Titter replies receiving no answer in return.
He looks at his hands and one hand is green and the other is yellow. Titter can't believe it.
"Don't be afraid Titter, I am here to give you a purpose."
Titter sees nothing but clovers and green trees, then he hears his alarm clock. He gets up out of the bed and checks his hands.
"What a dream," he says to himself as he gets up and gets ready for school.
On his way to school his mother explains to him how the world is coming to an end and no one can save it.
"I have no money left Titter and someone has got to pay the bills," she explains as they arrive at the school and Titter gets out of the car to get to class.
When Titter enters the school he notices a few people in the halls, usually the halls are filled.
"Excuse me Ms. Hall, what is going on? Where is everyone?" Titter ask.
She takes Titter's hand and says, "Titter, when education becomes useless only a new vision to teach can save it. You showed up for school. We need your vision, Titter."
When Titter heard this he felt something in his heart.
"Use your gifts Titter and ask us teachers as many questions as you can to save the world."
Titter was moved and when he got to class the teacher taught and Titter learned.
"Here is a pen for coming to class today Titter. Now I want you to give it a name," says Mrs. Ramos.
"I'm going to name it Luck. This pen is going to teach me how to be the best writer in the world," he replies.
Titter graduated at the top of his class. He held on to his lucky pen for as long as he could. One day Titter desired to enter a writing contest that would give him millions of dollars if he won. Titter was afraid to enter the contest because he thought of what would happen if he won. While he filled out the papers, his pen ran out of ink.
"What are you doing Titter? Have you forgotten my promise to you?" Titter hears a voice.
"Who's there?"
"I gave you a gift Titter, use it wisely," the voice says as Titter notices his hands are green and yellow.
Titter wakes up out of his sleep, hot and sweaty.
Titter then took his pen and wrote as many books as he could. In the evening he wrote, in the day he wrote, and even on the weekends he wrote. At the age of eighty Titter had written so many books that he became a world figure. His writings had inspired so many people and his pen was still with him. So many people had passed and gone but Titter was still inspired. When Titter died he lived on in the lives of so many people. His green and yellow pen of luck stayed in his vault only to be discovered by the next generation of writers. When they found it their thoughts were open and they too wrote. Titter's legacy lived on. And that is the story of Titter and his lucky pen:-)

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