Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The importance of the MC/Mic controller or Master of ceremonies

When a rapper embraces the stage it is important that he or she deliver the words of the song so that the audience can understand the purpose of the song. The importance of an MC is to get the message across. Although there are many types of artist, there are certain artist that emerge at a time when something in particular needs to be addressed. Some MCs take on topics of race, while others take on police brutality etc.. In the history of Hip Hop and many other forms of music, the role of an MC was that of a hero: "Do not be afraid to say what needs to be said and be ready to die for it if need be." In comparison to a reverend in the pulpit calling out sinners, most successful MCs were the most hated within the normal because of there bold stance on certain issues. Although misunderstood at times the role of the MC is still important at making pivotal changes in modern society. The purpose for most MCs is still the same: stay in love with the art and create music for the fans who embrace your style. At a party or event it is the MC's job to keep the crowd entertained.   

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